Hire a great venue for a cocktail wedding reception 


Hire a great venue for a cocktail wedding reception 

Many people are not sure how to organize their big day. Many options are available, and it can be a bit tricky to choose the right one. Sometimes, individuals want something at a particular moment, and something entirely else later. Changing your mind before the wedding day is typical.

If you are getting married soon, and still have no idea what to do and how to organize this wonderful event, you might want to consider a cocktail reception. It is a perfect solution if you want a classy wedding, without having to spend a large sum of money. Not all of us have a lot of cash for our special day. In most cases, couples need to set aside at least half of their entire wedding budget on the reception. If you want to have a trendy reception, but to cut your expenses down, it would be the best idea to go for a cocktail wedding.

A cocktail reception is more affordable than the traditional one because of several reasons. For example, there is less food, few tables and chairs, which will cut down your floral expenses, and it is usually a smaller location, which saves you some money on renting a venue. You won’t have to worry about getting centerpieces for the tables, renting china, buying place cards, table decorations, and much more. Also, you won’t need to spend a lot of cash on hiring a crew for clean up after the reception. As you can see, cocktail wedding reception Melbourne will save you money in comparison to the traditional alternative.

Hiring an excellent cocktail wedding venue

When trying to find an ideal venue for your special day, you need to take into consideration the number of guests you will have. Your venue needs to accommodate the maximum number of people you are planning to invite. The great thing about the cocktail reception is that it has a more social atmosphere compared to a traditional wedding. Fewer chairs and tables are involved, which encourages movement and mingling. People will talk to each other, instead of sitting at their tables. If you want your guests to enjoy and interact socially, choosing a cocktail reception is the best idea. Just make sure that there is enough room for bouquet tossing, as it is one of the most traditional activities.

There are many beautiful cocktail wedding venues in Melbourne, and you will surely find the one that matches your needs and wishes. You can even choose a location with a pool, or with a beautiful view of the sunset. However, it is not just about the location; timing is also crucial. The best thing is to hold a cocktail reception from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you do it earlier, your guests might not want to eat. On the other hand, if you hold it later, most of them will expect a full meal. After you hire an ideal cocktail reception venue and decide on the timing, you can enjoy your wedding.



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